Recovery Ministries

Celebrate Recovery and Support Ministries

Celebrate Recovery

Have you ever been hurt... or formed a habit you cannot break....or struggled to overcome a hang-up that prevents you from living life to the full?
Many of us struggle with hurts, habits and hang-ups every day. We may have even prayed about it but we struggle to break free!

Celebrate Recovery (adults) and Breakfr3 (youth) are two ministries that MCC provide, to help both adults and youth, work through the issues that are holding them back. The programmes provide practical tools and support as you work through each of the principles for recovery. We cannot do this journey on our own. With God’s help, and the support of those on a similar journey, we can get through the struggles together, breaking free from the chains of the past and celebrating the joy of a new life to come.

MCT – Massey Community Trust provides resources and leadership for a number of services that seek to empower people to make positive, effective changes in their lives, enabling a positive integration to community and society. Celebrate Recovery and Breakfr3 (see links below) are two of these services. From time to time they also run therapeutic groups facilitated by professional counsellors for those struggling with Stress, anxiety and depression or the effects of Abuse and trauma.

To find out more click on the links below

MCC Break Fr3 Youth

National Celebrate Recovery Website

Support Ministries

Sometimes we just need a place to connect with one another. A place to make friends, share heart to heart and create beautiful moments (or in the case of our men – some bloke time!)

MCC has several options to choose from:

  • Ladies Breakfasts are held throughout the year to encourage connection between women over a delicious breakfast.
  • Mainly Music is a pre-school music and movement group for caregivers and children to enjoy. It also provides great connections and support for anyone struggling to raise children.
  • More to come in 2019...